Black Tea Benefits - Milk In Your Tea? Not A Good Idea

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Taking Tea Without Milk Could Be Better For Your Heart

Black Tea is loaded with antioxidants that helps against aging, improves metabolism, oxidises fat and hence weight loss. But adding milk in tea, completely blocked the antioxidant benefits of drinking black tea. Scientists have discovered that proteins found in cows' milk neutralise this fat fighting ability.
If you want to squeeze the maximum possible health benefits out of every black tea cup, then ditch the milk!
And also ditch the tea bag and use loose-leaf tea. One analysis found that using tea bags gives away between 5% and 50% of the total antioxidant capacity of the tea, while loose leaf tea retains a high percentage of essential oils, beautiful aroma and delicious taste inside the leaves which when brewed gives it a unique flavor. Also long leaf teas are much less susceptible to moisture and retain freshness for longer periods.

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