Second Flush

What is Second Flush Tea 
From early summer throughout the monsoon is the time for second flush. This time tea leaves absorb maximum rain water and mature throughout the monsoon. As a result, they get produce superbly Rich Color and Muscatel Flavor when brewed. Second flush tea leaves are dark in color and more they mature, stronger is their aroma.

Why Second Flush Tea is Famous 
These tea leaves are the best if you want to enjoy Strong Liquor. Second Flush teas are known for their Full-Bodied Smoothness and Malty Taste. Take one sip of this superbly rich and malty brew liquor and you might just remember the name.

Best Way to Enjoy Second Flush
If you are using second flush black tea leaves, brew them for 5 to 6 minutes and If you are using second flush green tea leaves, brew them for 3 to 5 minutes. As they have strong taste, you can add a small sugar cube to the liquor or a few drop of honey.

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