Kadambri Teas Ball Mesh Tea Infuser Stainless Steel - Perfect Tea Strainer for Loose Leaf Teas

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ABOUT: A Handy and Convenient Stainless Steel Infuser to Scoop and Steep Tea with Ease. Make the Perfect Tea Brew without a Teapot, the Strainer is Easy to Use and Practical. The Stainless Steel Mesh Makes It Easy to Re - Steep and Clean Afterwards.

DESIGN:       ball mesh spoon with spring closure

MATERIAL:  stainless steel

COLOR:        silver


USAGE:         Dishwasher Safe



1) Squeeze handle to open ball-end of pincer.
2) Scoop desired quantity of tea leaves into the ball.
3) Close ball-end of pincer and place inside a teacup.
4) Add recently boiled water over it and allows leaves to steep.
5) When tea is ready, remove infuser and keep aside.
6) Clean out contents to reuse. 

Easy to use: Simply add your tea leaves inside the infuser and put it in your teapot or cup and let the flavour flood out. A great infuser for a cup or pot of tea!

Why use teabags when tea leaves are so much fresher and tastier? 
If you're a fresh tea fan but don't like having to strain the leaves before you drink your cuppa, you need this ball-shaped infuser.

Note: CTC teas are not to be brewed in infuser