Kadambri Teas Pure Darjeeling Long Black Tea Leaves from Himalayas | SFTGFOP (Higher Whole Leaf Grade)

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This darjeeling black tea leaves, laden with golden tips will fill your house with beautiful flower aroma. Himalayan black tea has a delicate muscatel flavour, thin-bodied, sharp and clear taste with a floral aroma. Darjeeling brew is light-coloured and tastes best without milk and sugar. 

Darjeeling Tea is loved by tea connoisseurs all over the world. Before you sip this Delicious Tea, Take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful floral aroma of Darjeeling tea. This will calm your senses and relieve your stress.

Ingredients: Black Tea - Darjeeling Orthodox Long Leaf with Golden Tips

Leaf Grade: SFTGFOP - Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (Higher Whole Leaf Grade)

Leaf Size: Whole Long Leaves (Premium Leaf)

Source: Handpicked from Darjeeling Premium Tea Gardens.

Flavor: Mildly tannic and Muscatel.

Taste: Sharp and clear with a floral aroma.

Aroma: Floral scent

Liquor: Light Red. 

MouthFeel: Mild to Medium aftertaste.

Strength: Medium (3.5/5)

1 Pack : 100 grams

No of Cups in 1 Pack : 50 cups (100 gm)


  • Stress Buster - Before you sip, take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful floral aroma of darjeeling tea. 
    • Natural Tea - No Added Flavors, No Artificial Essences, No Preservatives, No Oils and No Added Aromas.
    • Hand-Picked - Hand picking ensures that tea leaves of similar age and size are picked in a batch, helping to create a better flavorful tea with great aroma

    Health Benefits: Darjeeling tea is a stress buster. Darjeeling black tea promotes weight loss and contains Rich antioxidants that helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy by inhibiting the growth of the bacteria that causes cavities and gum diseases.

    Orthodox Tea: Orthodox and CTC both are main style of tea production in Indian tea making. Orthodox tea refers to either hand-processed tea or tea that is rolled with machinery in a manner that mimics hand-rolling.

    All ‘specialty tea’ like whole-leaf loose tea is made with orthodox production method. Compared to a CTC tea, orthodox tea offers the most authentic tea experience. Orthodox teas are known for their flavor complexity and delicacy.

    Can we add milk to Black Tea: Yes we can! But preparation method is different from normal Milk tea. Europeans have traditionally enjoyed black tea by adding a spoon of milkin the tea cup.

    How to make Black Tea: Heat 1cup (200ml) water in teapot. Boil it for a minute. Switch off the gas. Add 1tsp (2g) of black tea leaves in the teapot. Steep it for 4-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy a perfect cup of tea

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