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Grilled Daily Vegetable Sandwich - is a simple, healthy & filling breakfast, brunch or snack recipe for those busy days when you don't have enough time to cook. This recipe need raw veggies, So doesn't need to cook, blanch and saute the veggies. You can made it on tawa under 10 minutes. 

People love to enjoy these with green coriander chutney and a cup of Assam Kadambri Chai.

4 bread slice
2 tsp. butter
2 tsp. coriander leaves
salt & black pepper - to taste
1 medium sized boiled potato & sliced
1 medium sized onion sliced
1 medium sized cucumber sliced
1 medium sized tomato sliced
1 medium sized capsicum sliced
Few cabbage sliced
1 tsp. desi ghee - to cook sandwich
paneer 2 slice

1. Butter the bread evenly.
2. Place the veggies. Sprinkle salt and black pepper.
3. Cover with another slice of buttered bread.
4. Place it on tawa and cook until golden using ghee.
5. Cut vegetable grill sandwich and serve hot.

My Notes:
* These sandwiches taste best when eaten warm or hot otherwise they become soggy.
* You can replace amul butter with ghar ki malai and avoid desi ghee for making it perfect weight loose sandwich recipe.
* It can be made on a sandwich maker or tawa. If you can make 1 to 2 sandwich make them on tawa otherwise sandwich maker is a good choice.
* You can add green chutney inside the sandwich and it's called Bombay veg grilled sandwich. 

Thank you!

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