Lemon Tea Recipe - How to Make Lemon Tea

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Lemon tea is prepared with black tea leaves or green tea leaves and fresh lemon juice.

How to make Lemon Tea using green tea leaves:

green tea with lemon - kadambari tea - lemon tea

  • Heat 1 cup (200 ml) water, to the point where it just starts to bubble. Switch off the gas.
  • Pour hot water in teapot. Add 1 tsp (2g) of green tea.
  • Steep it for 2-4 minutes.
  • Strain it. Add juice of 1 lemon in it. Add 1 tsp honey.
  • Stir it well. Enjoy a perfect cup of lemon tea.



How to make Lemon Tea using black tea leaves:

    black tea with lemon - kadambari tea - lemon tea.png.png

    • Heat 1 cup (200ml) water in teapot. Boil it for a minute. Switch off the gas.
    • Add 1 tsp (2g) of black tea leaves in the teapot.
    • Steep it for 4-5 minutes.
    • Strain it. Add juice of 1 lemon in it. Add 1 tsp honey and 1 pinch black pepper powder.
    • Stir it well. Enjoy a delicious cup of lemon tea.


    Read Ingredients carefully before buying flavored lemon tea because mostly flavored tea contains flavor essences, artificial colors, harmful chemicals and flavor preservatives.

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