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kadambri teas - buy premium loose leaf teaAbout Kadambri Teas: We started in 2014 with the mission to deliver best quality teas to Indian customers. This came out of our own experience of trying various teas and finding them either too expensive or poor in quality. The best Indian Teas (Assam and Darjeeling) are exported out of India. We at Kadambri strive to bring only the Premium quality teas for you. Our All Teas are Natural, Fresh and Delicious. Tea is an agricultural product So Freshness matters a lot. Because it's natural and fresh, it's the most delicious too.


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Our Philosophy: All our teas are selected after extensive tasting - we taste 100's of cups of teas every week to select the finest teas. All our black teas and green teas are long leaf teas with intense aroma and delicate flavours. It's a delight to brew them, especially the second flush teas, which have just arrived in stock for the current year. Tea is an inseparable part of our daily lives. At Kadambri our mission is to make every cup of tea special for you.


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Packaging and Delivery: These teas are carefully packed in triple layered aluminium pouches which keeps them fresh for long, which are delivered to you directly at your doorstep. These are ziplock pouches hence no hassle of transfer these teas into containers once you open them. 


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Deep Understanding & Experience in Selecting Quality Teas: During peak season, every week about 4000 different varieties of teas are produced and sold. Over the last 40 years, we have developed a deep understanding of customer preferences and learnt how to select the Best Teas. Our tea-loving staff are always experimenting for the perfect tea blends, tasting for the best pure leaf and expanding their tea knowledge. On an average we deliver anywhere between 12-15 lakh kgs of teas every year to our clients. With that experience, you can trust us to select only the Best Teas for you.


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Delivers Freshest Tea: We realised that using the traditional supply chain method a pack of tea was delivered to the customers many months after it was produced. Our team decided to deliver fresh teas directly to the consumers by challenging the conventional supply and leveraging latest technology. Order now and you will see the difference.

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