Second Flush Tea Collection

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Assam Second Flush teas are particularly known for their full-bodied smoothness and malty taste. This much awaited tea is plucked from May through June, and is available in the markets June onward. Take one sip of this superbly rich and malty brew and you might just remember the name.

This is a combo pack of Pure Assam Black Tea and Diphloo Weight Loss Green Tea.

What's in the combo: 2 items

Item Size Original Price
Pure Assam Black Tea 100gm 175 INR
Diphloo Weight Loss Green Tea 100gm 190 INR

Pure Assam Black Tea: This is a classic Assam orthodox tea, laden with golden tips, a musky flavor, strong body and smooth finish. Orthodox tea offers the most authentic tea experience. They are known for their flavor complexity and delicacy. Assam black tea is popularly known as English Breakfast Tea. 

Diphloo Weight Loss Green Tea: Diphloo Long Leaf green tea is strong bodied with high antioxidants. The liquor is bright, brisk and rich in taste and aroma. One of the best tea in India, this unique green tea is bound to surprise you with its distinctive taste & flavor. 

Small scale tea growers from Assam put a great effort by using only natural and traditional methods to make this high quality special green tea! Higher antioxidants in Diphloo green tea helps for weight loss! 

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