Kadambri Green Tea - Pack of 2

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Full of antioxidants, it is a rare combination of taste and health. When brewed, Our green teas will be of beautiful orange yellow colors and slightly astringent. Use warm water and they will taste beautiful with lemon, honey or mint.

How to Steep: Use 1 tsp of Green tea per 200ml of water. Heat water to 80ºC and steep for 1-2 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea (great for adding honey and lemon).

Ingredients: Green Tea - from the famed North Bank area near Tezpur Assam (Finely rolled leaves)

Source: Tezpur, Assam 

Strength: Strong (4.5/5)

Note: Remember longer steeping times result in bitterness, so experiment between 2-4 minutes and find the range that suits you.