Assam Tea Collection

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India's Assam loose leaf tea is popularly known as Breakfast Tea. It is brisk, full-bodied black tea with reddish-bright colour. Its flavour is rich malty, yet fresh, smooth and mellow. Packed full of antioxidants, Assam tea not only wins on taste but also on health benefits.

This is a combo pack of Pure Assam chai, Pure Assam black tea and Pure Assam green tea.

 What's in the combo: 3 items

Item Size Original Price
Pure Assam Chai 200gm 150 INR
Pure Assam Black Tea 100gm 175 INR
Pure Assam Green Tea 100gm 150 INR

Pure Assam Chai: This is our signature tea with authentic taste, rich malty brew, creamy texture and strong flavor. If you like a strong cup of chai, you will love this. Take one sip of this classic tea and you'll understand why it's the favorite tea of Europe for centuries. Assam chai tea is also known as Breakfast Tea.

Pure Assam Black Tea: This is a classic Assam orthodox tea, laden with golden tips, a musky flavor, strong body and smooth finish. Orthodox tea offers the most authentic tea experience. They are known for their flavor complexity and delicacy. Assam black tea is popularly known as English Breakfast Tea.

Pure Assam Green Tea: This finely rolled long leaf green tea is very mild bodied and smooth textured. The liquor is bright and slightly brisk. Beautiful taste and aroma of this Delicate Tea will surprise you. This specially handpicked Green Tea contains the rich taste as well as all the health benefits of a natural green tea!

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