Kadambri Teas Tulsi Green Tea for Weight Loss | Long Leaf Green Tea with Rama Tulsi | Calming Tulsi Tea

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Tulsi green tea is mild bodied with peppery taste of basil. The liquor is bright red and has aroma of relaxing basil which is mild and astringent aftertaste But no bitter.

Mild basil aroma of steaming hot tulsi tea will help you stay calm and healthy. Tulsi tea blend made from hand-picked long leaf green tea leaves blended with natural tulsi (holy basil) leaves.

Ingredients: Assam Green Tea (Long Leaves) & Tulsi (Natural leaves)

Leaf Grade: Fine

Leaf Size: 100% whole Long leaves

Source: From the famed North Bank area near Tezpur, Assam

Flavor: Peppery notes of tulsi.

Taste: Mild Bodied and Flavorful.

Liquor: Bright Red. 

Aroma: relaxing basil aroma

MouthFeel: astringent aftertaste But no bitter.

Caffeine: Low

Strength: Strong (4.5/5)

No of Cups: 50 cups (100 gm)


  • Natural Tea - No Added Flavors, No Artificial Essences, No Preservatives, No Oils and No Added Aromas. Natural green teas are best enjoyed plain as they are very delicious in taste.
  • 100% Pure Ingredients - This tea is made from 100% naturally grown, hand picked long leaf green tea & tulsi leaves with maximum antioxidants that's why this is delicious in taste and we called it Natural Tea.
  • Hand Blended Tea for Perfect Taste -  We only use the highest quality green tea leaves and ingredients, blended by hand to ensure the best taste and experience. 
  • Handpicked High Quality Tea Buds - After brewing look at the leaves, they will open up completely and release unique aroma & beautiful lemony flavor, a sign of HandPicked High quality Bud.

Health Benefits: Tulsi or holy basil is one of the most common herbs used in ayurveda medicine and comes packed with many health benefits. Tulsi tea Improves metabolism and helps burn fat. Tulsi tea boost immunity, eliminates toxins from body and fights infections due to cold and fever.

How to make Tulsi Green Tea: Heat 1 cup (200ml) water, to the point where it just starts to bubble. Pour hot water in teapot. Add 1tsp (2g) of tea. Steep it for 2-4 minutes. Strain and enjoy a perfect cup of tea.

Note: Remember longer steeping times result in bitterness, so experiment between 2-4 minutes and find the range that suits you. 

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