Kaziranga Green Tea

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Sourced from specialty tea growers, just next to the Kaziranga National Park these green teas are minimally oxidized and hence they are highly valued. 

When brewed, this tea will be slightly astringent and mildly bitter with a grassy hint. Best brewed for 2 minutes. After brewing the leaves will open up completely, a sign of excellent teas. 

How to Steep: Use 1 tsp of Green tea per 200ml of water. Heat water to 80ºC and steep for 2-3 minutes. These teas will taste beautiful with lemon, honey or mint. You can get multiple brews from the same tea. 

Ingredients: Green Tea (Grade: L. Fine)

Source: Kohora & Bokakhat Area, Golaghat, Assam

Strength: Strong (4.5/5)

No of Cups per pack: 50 cups (100 gm)

Note: Remember longer steeping times result in bitterness, so experiment between 2-4 minutes and find the range that suits you. 

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