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Kadambri Teas offers you a fresh, natural long leaf green teas with a delicate yet complex character. These are EXCLUSIVE & RARE green teas from Assam, the north-eastern state of India. Loose Leaf Green Teas are shipped directly from Assam.

Our green teas are known to be one of the most DELICIOUS and smooth green teas available in India. With very little bitterness and astringency, our green teas are perfect for those who wants to make a HEALTHIER choice by switching to green tea from black tea or coffee. 

This is a collection of the unique rich green teas from the leading estates of India.

What's in the combo: 3 items

Item Size Original Price
Pure Assam Green Tea 100gm 150 INR
Diphloo Weight Loss Green Tea 100gm 190 INR
Organic Assam Green Tea 100gm 250 INR

Pure Assam Green Tea: This finely rolled long leaf green tea is very mild bodied and smooth textured. The liquor is bright and slightly brisk. Beautiful taste and aroma of this Delicate Tea will surprise you. This specially handpicked Green Tea contains the rich taste as well as all the health benefits of a natural green tea! 

Diphloo Weight Loss Green Tea: Diphloo Long Leaf green tea is strong bodied with high antioxidants. The liquor is bright, brisk and rich in taste and aroma. One of the best tea in India, this unique green tea is bound to surprise you with its distinctive taste & flavor. 

Small scale tea growers from Assam put a great effort by using only natural and traditional methods to make this high quality special green tea! Higher antioxidants in Diphloo green tea helps for weight loss! 

Organic Assam Green Tea: Kadambri Long Leaf Organic Assam green tea is medium bodied and has mildly astringent taste notes. The liquor is slightly brisk and bright golden yellow. This green tea shares briskness with a delicate yet complex character. Long and beautiful green tea leaves will bring pleasure to your eyes and peace to your mind.


  • These green tea don't contain any artificial flavors, harmful chemicals and preservatives. These are 100% naturally grown, hand picked whole long leaf loose green teas with maximum antioxidants that's why they are delicious in taste and we called our teas are Natural Teas.
  • After brewing look at the leaves, they will open up completely, a sign of excellent tea.
  • The liquor appearance is bright golden yellow - which is uncommon for a green tea.
  • Kadambri green teas are best enjoyed plain as they are very delicious in taste.

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