Kadambri Chai Tea: Pure Assam Tea from the land of Rhinos

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Kadambri English breakfast tea gives a kick start to your busy morning. Take one sip of this classic tea and you'll understand why it's been the traditional morning drink of royalty for centuries. Assam produces more than 60% of Indian tea and the best teas are exported out of India. We strive to bring only the best for you. 

How to Steep: Use 2 grams (one teaspoon) of tea for each cup of tea. Heat water to boiling temperature and steep for 3 minutes. Best for making a chai tea (with milk and sugar), though will make a great black tea or a lemon tea as well. 

Ingredients: Black Tea. 

Ingredients: Black Tea, technically known as CTC Tea 

Source: Sourced from Assam's top tea estates, after tasting over 30 different varieties - this is our signature tea. 

No of Cups: 80 cups (200 gm)

Strength: Strong (5/5)



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